16 februari 2012

Swamp and blue bird!

We got more company today on our morning tour, by Frau Glanznig & Johnny! But I have to say, Himay and Ricky are the Soul centre of the local skiing universe around here, or I could even say without having bad conscience, Colorado ski universe! This guys deserve some credit and here it is. I love you guys! The snow was fantastic and our 2 hours skin up to the top of Swamp valley was well worth it. The sun yesterday afternoon baked the snow a little but, just a difference of 5 % in the angels made a huge impact.

Welcome to Telluirde!!!

Blue bird, soft and fluffy.

Ricky get some air out over a cornice.

Himay too.

Oh yhee!

Sorry I missed to shot lover but I still like this picture.

A Swedish fika on the top!

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