23 februari 2012

One picture says more than 1000 words...

One pictures says more than 1000 words... That's all you have to read today, Enjoy!

Babsi happy after some nice turns.

Like this.

Or this.

American Skittle.

Postcard for Niseko next year.

Hej Hej!

Great first run of the day.


Big winds on the ridge on top but great soft skiing on the lee side.



Okey,  got it, if I duck here I will fit into the frame?

Beautiful trees and shadows. (And skier)

I'm in there somewhere. 

Hello, here I am.

5 min hike and some untouched turns above the tree mushroom.

Tukyo golf club house. 

Making some turns on the roof. Do not fall over, flat landning.

First ascent and descent on Tukyo glof club house.

Åre snow at the top, Broccoli!

Great opening hours!

Avalanche safety protocol.

Windy... Can't stad up straight...

Cold, wind and complete whiteout.

Last turns of the day.

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