13 februari 2012

Sunday blody Sunday... without blod...

Powder! And it's still dumping out there. Look like tomorrow will be great, the forecast says 15-20 cm (5-8 inches). We got to ski powder today aswell, inbounds we skied Salmon chute and it was untracked, most likley we were the first one in there this year. Then I was out running for one hour today. I looked like a snow man when I got back, time to time it was snowing so hard so I could not even look forward. I had to stare at my feet. People look at me like I was crazy when I was running in the snow walls insteed on the ploughed roads. Tomorrow I promise to bring the camera when skiing!

Found this picture on Daniel from early december. I didn't bring my camera today so this is what you get to enjoy today.  =)

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