15 februari 2012

Alla Hjärtans Dag... this is what we live for!

Valley X, have you heard it before...? But it's true, this valley always delivers. That's where we go when we have our needs of deep powder or just wanna hang out with good friends. I meet up with Himay and Melenie 08.30 (8.30 am) and we had three fantastic runs and where happely done by 13.30. (1.30 pm). This was our Valentine Day... =) Thanks for a great day!

Mel skiing first tracks in Eldorado 1.

Nice transition!

Himay is in there, deep!

You can almost see the Valley floor. We choosed to stop half way down and skin up again for another run! =)

On top of Mustang, next time I bring my own wather. Thanks for sharing Himay and Mel!

Every turn was like this.

Himay is hiding behind his arm thinking I would not catch him on a picture =)

Floating, snow is like wather.

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