26 februari 2012

Niseko - Sapporo - Tokyo: Post No 101!

Last day in Niseko is over and we are packing our stuff...
Today's skiing was actully good, had some new fresh powder but no one really cares here now if there isn't 40 cm or more... What really made our stay here in Niseko so special are all the people we met and new friends we made! Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome and making our trip special!

At 4.30 am in the morning, our private shuttle bus will be picking us up and off we go to Sapporo Chitose Airport. We were able to get a killer deal on the shuttle, thanks to Mai who sorted this all out for us (The first offer was JPY 28.000 (USD 330) and she got us a ride for JPY 16.000)
Two very happy skibum-campers are now off to bed with our special friend Milow ready to sing for us at 4.00.

Our destination: Tokyo.
Let's see what the largest city in the world has to offer - very groovey!

Since this is my 101st blog post I would like to thank you all for checking in and reading my stories! There is more to come so stay tuned for the never ending tour...

This is what I have to live with in Japan. Compared to other door frames, this one is TALL!

Some nice features on the toilet.

This is for sure Snowboard paradise. Haven't seen that many snowboarders ever...

Our only ski action picture today! Cool ski school bus in the background.

Another amazing Japanes dinner w/ the mighty Macca and the wonderful Haji

Boys are cooking: Udon noodles, miso and a Sportsmen's tonic.

Macca, thank you so much for having us! Here is proof of another deep discussion about skiing at the Japanese dinner table ...

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