2 februari 2012

One more day in La Grave!

Epic, Epic, Epic!

Near 16 thousand feet (5300 meter, that's more than Mont Blanc to sea level) of skiing in two laps today!  Great good luck with the weather and snow in La Grave.  We started with the classic Voit run (see photos below) and the snuck in a little run to tiny Cuculet by the Deaux Alps and that spends a day around here. Awesome!


BIG colouiar.

Happy face even if it was really cold, you can tell of my hair that frose.

On the glacier.

Getting late but what a beautiful sunset.

Down at the car and as you can see, it almost got dark.

Keni getting some...


Upper arrow = Keni, Lower arrow = John. We traversed above this cliff face without knowing it, some times that's better than knowing. 

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