4 februari 2012

Alpe d`Huez day 1.

This is not La Grave. =) Day started with a traditional france breakfast, white bread, a croasaint, butter and some marmelade packed with suger. Walked over to the ticket office, meet a rood officer at the ticket counter the refused giving us any kind of discount for our passes. First time in the Alps. (Sorry, I know I'm spoiled...) Than we run it to a bunch of turists on our way up to Pic Blanc, we found out that it was actully more people than just us here. They where acting like people do on weekations, everything should revolve around them like we were invisible. Finally at the top my becon begin to break down on top of all that. BUT, here came the turn over. Nobody skis off the piste here!  five day after the last storm we still found wide open spaces to put down our tracks.  In another cold and beautiful day we managed two giant runs with a tremendous lunch chalet on the Col du Serrane (reccomended).  With one more day of skiing here to look forward to it is time for a fondue, Bon Appitite....

Keni & Peter looking back towards La Grave. Finally away from the crowd we started smiling again.

Treversing back to an amazing lunch without knowing it =)

Skiing powder in the colouir.

Still deep as you can see.

Top of the colouir, Keni sends me in first.

Down in there and the dark gets to me.

Coming out it opens up and got brighter. Then you can go bigger.

And deeper :) Keni says nice form Staffan.

Crystal cold atmosphere.

When looking back to La Grave we saw one of our many rotes we did.  You can see where it been drawn, the red part is the rappel and the route is cald Le Vout. Highest peak to the left, Le Meije! 

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