1 februari 2012

La Grave or/and... St: Christophe! =)

Another great day! Start in La Grave, take a gondola (Ägg) to 3200 m and than a short skin. A guy who tells us, 5 min and I open the draglift for you guys. Took us to 3567 m. Then you ski through Col de Lauce down to the valley, Vallon de la selle, this run takes 4 hours. Amazing vally that brought us down to the charming village of St: Christophe. "Lunch" at this supernice lady! Taxi back to La Grave, "Ägg" up again and finished of with another 2000 vertical meters in one run. Nice day! Ken took this great pictures!!! Thanks, my camera (or lins) broke and was full of moisture so Thanks again Keni!

Top of the pass. Where are they going?

To here!

And here!

Looks like this when we been skiing or turns!

Down at St: Christophe and "lunch". Awesome place, from left, Peter - Keni - Me! (John is behind the camera!)

Graveyard in St: Christophe. Honoring this people.

Waiting for the taxi. The only four pair of skis in St: Christophe today. 

Famous church in La Grave. 

On a scary glacier.

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