11 maj 2012

Great training!

I don't know if I been talking about this earlier but if I have, it's definitely worth mention again. I been running in different places all over the world, with all kind of people, from professionals to happy amateurs. Everyone I can take a run with, every chans I have to get out there, moving in beautiful nature just by putting one foot infront of the other I'm the happiest ever. This is where I have my lone and quality time, even if I have my love next to me, my best friend or a total stranger. It dosen't matter. This is where I find time to reflect on myself and things I've been exposed for. What I really want to talk about is running,  this beautiful ones that I think you have to do as a runner. I have two favorites here in Sweden and one of them is here, on Sandhamn! I just follow the shore line readily in the sunset (run clockwise). Most of it is on sand but there is more to it, move your body over rocks, use your whole body to climb a small hill or a reflector, crawl under a pier or some old roots, run through water passages or just enjoy the incredible view! If you can't run it, walk it!

This pictures is taken a few days ago when me and a friend was walking around the island!

The limousine on Sandhamn, the kinds coming back from school.  

Talking to Fredrik in my cellphone. 

Just relaxing with great views.

And of we go to continue the walk! 

9 maj 2012

The blog vacation is over...

The blog has been on vacation for some time. I can't even remember last time I did an update which is a little embarrassing. But I haven't been on the lazy side, here are some pictures from the last couple of days from Stockholm, the Stockholm Archipelago and Sandhamn. This is where I am right now to get my annual dose of Sandhamn and the most beautiful archipelago in the world.

Perrés fisherman cottages. 

Dykarbaren is having a break on Kvarnberget (mill mountain) before opening up again for the evening. 

I found an old tandem bike. I really liked the look of the saddles. 

Out exploring the climbing in the archipelago, it's totally unexplored and there is plenty of first descents to put up.

Sun is setting and we are enjoying the view from the top of our climb! 

Blue sky and blue water.
Another amazing sunset!
When talking with photographers they sometimes talk about "the Blue Hour". I think this is what they mean.  

Just a few minutes later the wind picked up and the "mirror" was gone.

Like this weird light came out good on the picture. 

Playing fotboll (soccer) while waiting for my brother to show up.  

He still knows how to do some moves... =)

Happy as ever when I get to lead some 6a's on the rock! 

Still going strong...

... but ... 10 minutes later I took an 8 meter fall on the last bolt. I was 2 meters above my last quickdraw (safety device) and got some real air time. We were both okay and I could go through the last crux easy when I got back up.
This is so unique! =)