8 februari 2012

Back in Telluride.

Last day in Alpe d'Huez was not worth writing for, we had one run, actully our first run on a slope for a long time. We had a plan to ski "the Pyramid" but we could not get to it when the high and last tram to Pic Blanc was closed because of big winds. 100 km/h. So we had a long day traveling back to Lyon, the car would not cooperate when the fuel had frozen on us again.

Once back in Telluirde I went out skiing with the Glanznig siblings. I received a text from Keni and it said; Just skied Gold Hill 2. It is a littel smaller than last time...
I returnd; But the snow is blower here, we can't more than love this place!
Keni; Awesome. I agree this is the place to live and the world is the place to ski!

I just love that, what Keni just said. We figured out once being in La Grave that you should ski locally but think skiing globally!

Here is some great powder shots from yesterday of Willi and Babsi when we were out skiing "West lake", inbounds, Telluride ski area.

Bluebird and blower powder.

Bluebird and blower powder.

And... Bluebird and blower powder.

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