22 februari 2012

Niseko - Friends - and toilets

Let us now start with something as trivial and important as toilets! And listen closley cause this is extra material leaking out here. It all started in Tokyo when we hurried to our gate. Babsi needed a restroom badley. She came out happier than ever and really excited, telling me about her new experience.
-Staffan, you have to go to those restrooms! The toilets are awesome, you won't believe it. They have it all figured out here! 
By then I had no need for a visit but today I know better and have to share some inside info about it because she was right (as usual). All toilets so far have had heated seats, bidet functions, sound effects of a waterfall by sweaping your hand across a sensor and the water for flushing comes from a tab where you first wash your hands so there is no water wasted. Amazing!

When arriving in Niseko yesterday we met up with some friends from Sweden. Per and Patrik had already skied the area for about a week and were willing to show us their secret spots today. After an icredible breakkie (breakfast) at J-Sekka where Mai took great care of us (Local discount after a few hours in Niseko, we like!) we teamed up with the boys. 

Daniel listen close, here is the snow report: 
Riding up here yesterday with our shuttle we met an Australian snow professor who tried to explain how dry and very light the snow is here. We both looked at him funny and thought to ourselves how this could be possible since we are surrounded by and very close to the freaking pacific ocean. 
So today after making the first couple of turns our initial impression was right - there is no Colorado Champagne Powder here due to the moisture and maritime climate. But I'm sure there could be dry snow here as well if the conditions are right and we have already seen that in Per's photos of previous days. 
We had a warmspell and big winds today but that did not stop us from skiing great powder! We all had a wonderful day as you can see "in den Fotos unten"! =)

Some snow...


More Rippin!


More Superarm!

Happy Miso soup eater.

David facing Goliath in real time Niseko!

Ski patrol ringing the "Lucky Bells" for all backcountry skiers. No snowmonsters in Japan!

Yes, she fell asleep.

Team Sweden!!!

Babsi screaming to Patrik:
- Why are you passing me, you fake Swede! 


The real danger is the trees not avalanches on todays report.

Ski School happy ending Japanese style. Something we should use?

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