3 februari 2012

Au Revoir La Grave and hello Alpe d'Huez

 One last lap in La Grave (another 8000 footer) and off to Alpe D `Huez.  It`s cold enough here to turn the fuel in the rental car to slush. For those of you who think it's cold where you are this is our download of how cold it is here. This is not good when you need to climb one of the Tour du France´s most famous stages!  Peter nursed the thing up the hill and now we sit at the Freeride bar and recount our time in La Grave. The five days we spent there made for some of the greatest skiing of our lives. And we are all serious about it. When rolling in to La Grave through the valley five days ago we saw people along the road hitchhiking, we were blown away and could not beleive where to ski. Today we know better and more, now we were those people along the road today. Peter said we were prolific, wich means we got a lot done and even skied some runs that where unusual to the La Grave locals. Now we focus of the vast terrain of the Grand Domanine here and are excited about the last two days of our trip here in Europe.

Keni laying out some big turns on the glacier.

4 days after last storm and we still ski powder in La Grave.

Yes, like I said, skied powder.

Magic light on the south face when we got to the road.

Long run, still ways to go!

I try to copy what Ken just showed me, big turns on the glacier =)

A chamois.

Looking back up from where we got down.

Our car that didn't want to cooperate

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