14 februari 2012

Great but not...

Today we got to ski more powder, it finally snowed 40 cm (15-16 inches) over night and of course it was great. It feels as though, since this winter has been very dry regarding snow, as soon as there is a little fresh pow, people seem to get over excited and take very high risks. So I think it's good to "stress a little later", there is enough snow out there for everyone to ski and there are many more years of epic powder skiing coming up.
Unfortunately, we learnt later today that a person had died in Lower Bear Creek in an avalanche accident. All the happines we could experience and share throughout the day came to a sudden end.
Of course the danger of avalanches is a risk one takes when skiing the backcountry, but nevertheless this is a very tragic accident and all our thoughts go out to family and friends!

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