24 februari 2012

Just eat it!

Well I know all of you are dying to hear about how much powder we are skiing in Japan & Niseko!? But that is so far not happening, in any case, depending on what for expectations you have. Four varietys of forecasts for the weekend tells us all different. So with their (Niseko skiresort) total snowfall this year being over 18 meter and having a 5 meter base we can't more than kindly wait, corss our fingers and hope for the best. - A big snow storm to hit us before we leave on tuesday. In the mean time we are enjoying ourselfs in other ways. I'm not telling you that the skiing suck, not at all. We had 7 runs in the waterfall trees today and it was all good. Powder and soft under fot. It's just the fact that, when you expect it to be waist deep powder after traveling for 4000 miles to ski this white gold, hearing big stories about deep fluffy pow and seen pictures of majestic white snow guch over your head. (or like Babsi called it when flying in to Sapporo, looking out the window sitting by the ayle and trying to look out,  - Is that white shit snow?) Yes, your expectaions are high and hard to reach up to even though we haven't had more than two runs in the grommers so far. You have seen the pictures and can tell we have had great skiing. I just like to show you more about what Niseko, or the towns real name, Hirafu, have to offer if you have to high of an expectation. Because it's not just about skiing. It's actually also about friendship, food, different cultures, learning, understanding and new experiences!

The best fish I have EVER aten, Rockfish!

At this place, the owner are talking to the table next to us. Love his outfit, particularly his boots! 

Fishplattern and a green salad, this is just the start!

First time I ate fresh Oysters, interesting.

This crab is the real deal!

Teambuilding! We achieved highest score possible, by Macca & Staffan!

What could be better than a tea after an AMAZING dinner!

Ezo Seafood!

Maybe a dessert on our way home in here! 

Gooood dessert! Almost look like a snowman.

Hirafu and the vulcano, M. Yeti looking after the town.

Log Log where Macca lives and we are to right now! 

Walking up the road for breakfast in the morning. 

They have small cars here, really small!

I found the snowman...


Do you like my new hair style, wote Yes or No if this is a GO or not... =)

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