12 februari 2012

Rap route & Opus hut!

Let's start talking about yesterday morning. I was rushing to meet up with Himay and Ricky in the morning. I grabbed my ABS pack full of all gear you might need for a fun day on a mountain. Around my waist I had my harness tight straped with a belay device and a prusik. 09.15 we pushed away out to the unknowed, for me anyways. They wanted to show me a route the said no one else skied. That included a 15 m rappel (45 feet). They were right, amazing snow through the whole chute, wide enought for all tree of us to get untracked snow.

After that I said good bye to "the boys" and I headed home to change my backpack. Because the afternoon would offer a wonderful tour up to Opus hut next to Ophir pass. We were 10 friend that left the trail head in Ophir est at 14.00 (2.00 pm). Everyone exited ofcourse and a part of Ryder Walker staff or friend of someone who works for Ryder Walker. We had a great time skinning up and 3 hours later we were all at the hut.

Today we got to ski some nice snow just outside the door of this beautiful hut. I finished up the day with some running and cross fit. This is by far the best way for me to procces thoughts and my mind and after 1,5 h workout it feels great again. I send all my thoughts to you mum. =) Enjoy some pictures everyone! =)

Himay getting some.

Ricky rappeling.

Himay rappeling.

Love it, check out his smile.

This guy also have white teeth.

Here you see them better.

Willi drinking out of his sock.

Dinner inside the hut is coming up. We are all gather around the table.

Willi is having a great concert in the hut after dinner, this is life. Thanks Willi.

Moon lighting up Opus hut.

Tracks leading down to the sauna that are still under construction.

Taking of skins for some powder skiing.

Twins? No, but they are good friends!

Virgin snow. 

Heading back to Ophir and the car.

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