28 mars 2012

The Wire!

Last night Chris Chaput send me an text asking if I was still around!? I replied quick: - Yes, I'm yet here! You guys don't lose me that easy. Following conversation touch skiing and what I had in mind doing today. To be honest, I didn't have anything planed. I suggested some runs we could possible do within such sort omen. We ended up going to bed that night with a few different options and decided to make a final decision this morning. Himay called early and told me they planed on doing North Y or San Juaqin chute. But Chris and I had already made our choice. The Wire! The Wire was once (of what I heard...) a part of the final exams when becoming a Mountain Guide in America. Some years ago the pulled it back though it was to technical for people and for being on an final exam. I had skied it before but today we were about to take a new route I never done before. After a short and easy boot pack you ski into the basin behind Palmyra Peak and skin up to Silver Peak that are a few meters (feet) higher than Palmyra Peak. From there it's all down hill in exposed steep terrain. See pictures!!! We ended up having a great day out in the mountains. Thanx Chris!

Chris on top of Silver Peak getting ready to ski down!

That's where we heading! The Wire.

Chris coming down!

Still ways to go! The mountain in the far far distance is Utah and where you can find Indian Creek! 

Coming into the steepest part of the run!

He is in the middle of the steepest part! This is a No Fall Zone, in the lower right corner of the picture you can see where we are going, it cliffs out with a 20 meter (60 feet) cliff.

Getting closer to the cliff. I'm standing right above it attached to an anchor we later used to rappel down of.  

Chris coming up to me after a last scary turn just above the drop-off.

Look closely in Chris goggles and you can see where we heading down. 

Bye Bye...!

...And he disappear below the rock...

...And he is off the rope and starting to ski down before I start my rappel...

Down in Alta Lake Basin.

Making some nice turns!

It was firm but great fun skiing!

Our route from the top of "The Wire", the green part is the rappel.

And I finished of doing an other chute I been looking at, first tracks this year! =) 

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