11 mars 2012

Indian creek and Moab Desert!

How about a new fresh inlay. Finally I recovered from a week of not been able to move on singel steep out of bed and my bad illness. Felt so good to be back out in the field and the contrast was gigantic compare to last sunday. When Himay and I was running around on Aspens four mountains, freezing our buttes of in the hard cold and big winds. Getting our face all frostbitten. I have to say, one week in bed will make a different in how you preform when doing something actively, our anything when being still for a week. But Dave told me this would help, both to cure me and to make me a more experienced climber. That's what I need now, both of those. So I, together with 4 friend (Dave, Andrew, Babsi and Bernd) drove down to Indian Creek in Moab this morning at 06.30 am. 3 hours later, after a coffe/breakfast stop we stod at the trail head in the desert in just t-shirts. Amazing views sour ending us in all directions and not a sound reaching our ears expect of foot steeps hitting the ground. We had a great day in the sun, on the rock and together, Thanx friends! 

Me starting of climbing.

Dave gives me a quick lesson before taking of, Thanks!

Babsi killing it.


Trying the Scarface, hard hard.

But I got up here, nice long pitch. Dave belays on of his "matis", check out his elbow. 

A quick lunch with a before adding another layer of tape to those hands. 

Hanging around in the sun!

Dave leads our last climb for today.

Climbing action.

This is the face of the last climb today.

Our view.

Heading back down after a great day, sun is setting just next to us.

Plenty of climbing to do here, we touch some of the routes on the most right "hump" today.
Feels great to be back! =)

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