31 mars 2012

The Grand Traverse!

Okey people! We now have less than 2,5 hours to start here in Crested Butte. I just had a power nap and are now tejping up my toes and nipples. In a race like this your body goes through a lot of stress. If you can minimize that leval of stress before hand that helps a lot. Hopefully we will have no problems along our way. Because of the poor snow situation this ha e now turned in to an adventure race were we have to boot pack for 7 miles and cross over bigger streems/rivers. Our primary goal is to finish and secondary with a good time around 12-14 hours. I have never done this particular race before but Himay has. We start of under a star clear sky with headlamps and will finish in sun shine and bluebird. That's the forecast with light winds. See you all again when we finished in about 14-16 hours! :-)

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