4 mars 2012

We finished in 8,55 h!

Yes, we finished the Power of four in Aspen in 8,55 h. I don't know what place yet and now it's way too late and I'm way too tierd to write more. You will get the full report tomorrow. But I wanted to post some pictures while you're waiting!

5.30 am, Melanie drops us of in Snowmass Village.

30 sek before the start.

And of we go. I'm closest to the right.  

Greatest snowbeard!

Here we are between Snowmass and Buttermilk along the ridge who runs between this to mountains. My nose got frostbitten here. It was a cold day!

Skating up to Highlands and the first aid station.

On our way up to the top of Highland, here it was superwindy and really really cold.  We did not have the best conditions this day.

On the top of Highland, it toook us 2,15 h from bottom to the top.Both really cold by this time.

Of course you have time to shot some nice ski pictures even though you race. This is real Himay action!

Just started our last climb, last looong climb...

Almost up but not really.

We had 20 min of sunshine for the whole day, Himay captured this as a reminder. Because we were cold. 

At the finish line, both happy!

Still at the finish area with the "Happy Skis".

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