26 mars 2012

For Yesterday!

Yesterday morning I drove out to Valley X for a tour and some skin training. On friday (march 30) Himay and I are racing an alpinism race again, from Crested Butte to Aspen. I thought I could get some training in and get a notification on my fitness level at the moment. Driving in I meet Melanie on the road running. She send me up to their house and we all had breakfast. At that time we decided to go back to the ski area and hike up Palmyra Peak, a summit above 13,000 feet. (4060 meter) as training. We felt great and strong. 

Check out the website for the race; http://www.elkmountainstraverse.com/

Later same day we all went to honor a friend of our and a great skier, Rob Liberman who unfortunately perished in an avalanche in Alaska a time ago. It was a life celebration and around 100-150 people/friends of him gathered from all over the world to celebrate him as a person and his way of living life. Pete, one of his friends said in a speech; - Let's celebrate one another while we are here in life together. This is something we all should be reminded of and have in mind. Later it might be just to late. Thank you everyone that made that evening so special and memorable! 

A lot of people came to Rob Liberman's life celebration.

Pete is having his speech.

Over cast weather but Billy goating up! 

At the summit looking down on everything.

Skiing and actually some cold snow even though we had around 60 F (15,5 C) in town.  Try to find Himay in this picture, where is he?

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