6 mars 2012

A day of nothing.

Yes, you read it right! Yesterday I did nothing, or that's not totally true but I took a day of and just had a great time in the sun on main street in Telluride. I caught up with some friends and had sushi at the Steaming bean. Second day here where spring was in the air and people walked around in t-shirts with a big smile on their face. I were about to do a big tour today but weather are holing us up, witch is find. I don't feel great, I had a cold before the race in Aspen two days ago and think I triggered something more when racing. I do best staying slow and low for another day and than start hitting stuff again.

A good news is that a got my new computer all done and ready to use yesterday. It's a new Mac Book Pro 13 (of course) with 750 G memory and so on. What's make me extra exited is the new Photoshop I bought. CS5! I been working with CS before and that's about 20 years old. Actually it turn twenty year on feb 10, 2010. Hopefully this will take my pictures one steep further and I have a lot of new things to learn.

Thanks again everyone for reading this blog. Without you this would just be a waste of time and I try to spend time and keep this blog alive and appreciate every singel time you enter and read my stories. Thanx! Please feel free to contact me if you have any request about what You would like me the write about or anything you like me to try and do.

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