26 mars 2012

Indian Creek camping and climbing w. good friends!!

Thursday morning, I'm at the house packing and getting my stuff together for three days in the desert and Indian Creek with good friends. I have all our groceries in a big cooler and two big bags, nothing you drag around easy on the Gondola. So Mike and Babsi pulls up on the drive way, both with a big smile on their face. Full of excitement, almost bouncing like two basket balls. Loading the car with massive amounts of water we started our three hours drive west towards Utah. Passing through Norwood and Natarita it just got warmer and warmer. By the time we reached the Creek we all were sitting in the car with shorts and t-shirts and the termometer showed 71 F (21,6 C).

In Indian Creek you are not allowed to camp but there is some great spots close by. We decided to set camp before darkness would fall (around 7.30 pm, 19.30 pm). Mike new about a camp sight in Pasture Creek by river. Heading there Babsi told and explain to Mike about another camp sight near by where she had been camping last couple of times. Once "down" in Pasture Creek I got surprised, it was defiantly not what I expected it to be. As a Swede my picture of a camp sight was way more resembled with what Babsi had been telling us in the car. All tree of of was trying to make this spot work in our mind but we were all fighting within our selfs. After a discussion about this spot and about rules where to camp in Indian Creek we assembled our camp in silens. Two tents and a fire place was put together. The tree of us clearly not 100 % satisfied.

Getting back into the car, Mike asked Babsi if she remembered where this other camping sight was and if we should go and have a look. And of we went. 10 minutes later we drove onto a red dirt road, the sign said Hamburger rock, camping ground 1 mile. The surroundings where beautiful driving up, with a wide open landscape for miles and miles. All of us staring out the windows with our mouths wide open like bird nesting-boxes. Mike was the first one to say something. - Babsi, you right, this is were we have to be. Can you wait here while Staffan and I are getting our camp? Rushing back Mike challenged me; - Staffan, how long do you think it will take us to pack up camp?
I replied; - 16 minutes.
Mike; - Really, I say 20.

9 minutes later we were heading back in the car to Babsi and Hamburger Rock. Our camping neighbors in Pasture Creek must been wondering what's was going on. Because 20 minutes earlier we been leaving with a girl, than we come back, two guys just running around hauling in all our stuff back into the car. Leaving nothing. Both of us really focused and a little stressed...

With camp finally all set we could drive to our first climbing spot. A slab climb rated from 5.7 - 5.11+ near News Paper Rock (over 2000 years old drawings on a rock wall). Super scary to lead climb, it's all about foot placement and fine moves. What I find interesting with climbing, especially with lead climbing is the process within your self and your mind. The way you communicate with yourself, what voice I use, tempo, pausing, high - low, happy - scared, big fall - no, keep on going... and more. All this will decided my judgement and what choice I'll make. Of course there are many more parameters you have to include, this is just a bit of what I find rewarding for myself. Handeling all this thoughts into action and keep on moving up the wall.
The drive back to camp, after been scared the first time this trip (because I was a little scared climbing that slab), was magical in an amazing sunset. We made up a bonfire and cooked a great dinner, sitting around the fire staring into it. Then laid down on our backs watching the stars that was sooo clear, all of us quiet and just absorbing as much satisfaction and life as possible!

A few hours later we woke up to another clear day with the sun in our face. For does of you who haven't feel asleep under a star covered sky and waken up to the warm sun hitting your face that is something I strongly suggest to try. For breakfast I made tea and of course swedish pancakes with berries and bacon, witch they loved. With this start in the morning we head out for some crack climbing and to meet up with more friend. We meet up with Gerald, Amber, Caitlyn and Josh and had a great time!

Our camp at Hamburger Rock!

Babsi climbing some slab first day.

Mike is trying his tent and he is really happy about our new camp sight. But where is the door matt?

After dinner we gathered around the fire. 

Babsi looking at the stars. The big star next to her head is the planet Uranus.

Where did you wake up last friday, this is how we did it!

Getting prepared in the sun to climb. 

Choosing right cam size for the crack.

Sometimes it hurts... This climb is called Renegades of Funk, 5.10.

Mike belaying. 

Deserved lunch break in the sun. Fruit, crackers, cheese and some bulgur.  

More cracks. Put your foot in with the big toe up, lower the heel and twist. Whoop and it sticks!

Mike reading the Indian Creek guide book.

Afternoon run back to camp.

Josh lead climbing.

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