1 mars 2012

Not Aspen yet, but soon! Fisrt Telluirde.

In the shuttle on my way back to Telluride yesterday night snow was coming down hard. After a few phone calls the privity had reach me, 12 fresh inches (30 cm) had slowly fallen down upon the resort and people had had a great day skiing.

07.00 am, after a quick breakfast Ricky and I drove over to Valley-X. We both thoutgh we were meeting up with Himay for a morning tour. Instead Melanie joined up and we skied a fast and great run. This place is truly incredible, in five years I have never experienced a bad (or even close to bad) ski day in this valley. The tree skiing is world class and the pitch is sustainable and steep enought. And always, Always! Soft and powdery.

Once back in Telluride around lunch time I took care of some errands, I had to buy a new becon (transiver) after my old one gave up totaly on me the last day skiing in Niseko. Send an email about my Suunto X10 watch, that broke on me again. Third time now... Tryed getting us, Himay and me some sponsors for our race on Saturday in Aspen and the "big" race in late march, The Grand Trevarse!

I still feel jetlaged and are tierd after all traveling. Even though I had a great day. It never ends, traveling, sometime and MOST of the time I love it but yesterday I was so over it. I know how this sounds, like I'm a spoiled kid. But I take nothing for granted and appreciate every second, even when there is little setbacks now and then.

Melanie skinning up.

And getting some great turns in the "In between" trees.

Ricky prefer big open fields.

Thanks for a good morning! =)

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