7 mars 2012


Hang in there, I'm getting better and more fun is on it way. Righ now I woke up after a 16 h sleep. A friend of mine who is a doctor said to me yesterday; - Staffan, you are not a machine, you are a human being. Take this pills and sleep. Dreaming is interesting when having fever. I love living my dreams and are pretty skilled pulling them of to reality but I'm so greatful that I don't have to live through the dreams I've just had last 16 h. A lot of good people that I love got hurten or where dying.

I will show you what I hope to ski when I feel better and if the conditions are right. Outside it's hot, might get a sandstorm from the desert mixed with some snow, on top of that we have big winds. Basicly everything you need to get snow melting as fast as possible. So we can't more then wait and see if it's possible to ski this.

Red tail

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