29 mars 2012

Sheep Chute!

Sheep chute... but... first I want to tell you about our mornings here in Telluride. An insight how a typical morning could be and most likely are for a skier in our beautiful valley. Around 7.30-8.00am you better be up, dressed in ski gear and shoveling in breakfast because the fun is soon to begin! Depending on who is really eager to ski that morning or have something special in their mind usually pic up the phone first. Today it was Himay. And the conversation start, almost like a business meeting call the phones goes warm (our like they say about my blog, it's on fire!). One call to Himay, one to Ricky, another to Chris and the fire spreads rapid. From one to another in town,  just to get a clue of what people are doing on the mountain today. After some passionated 30 minutes of heated discussions of what to ski and who to bring a decision has to be made so we can gather in time for todays skiing.

So of today we choose to ski Sheep Chute by Lizard Head Pass and Sheep mountain after all our phone calls. A great couloir that turned out having the best snow we skied in a long time after lot's of warm weather lately. It's a great skin up through the trees from Lizard Head Pass following a ridge, half way up you reach a wind scattered south/southwest face, from here you boot pack up the last part to the summit if you didn't brought ski crampons.

Then finally your about to put your skis on, click into your bindings, have a last look around and give your friends a hug. Then you through yourself off into a great run that just slumber and waits for just YOU!

Himay boot packing up.

Ricky way ahead of us, way? Yes, he had ski crampons. (He is strong too)

Babsi at the top!

Ricky launching of the wind lip.

Himay too.

Our dream team/crew today, from left; Ricky, Himay, Chris & Babsi!

Ricky coming into Sheep Chute...

...and passing me with high speed!

Chris having fun!

Babsi skiing out the apron.

Everyone cheering and laughing skiing together...

... Love skiing!


Once down we had to walk for 5 minutes back to one of our cars. Babsi and Chris!

Packing up and chatting at Ricky's truck!

Himay and me in he back like two dogs on our way to Chris car up at Lizard Head Pass. 

Me dropping in first in Sheep chute...

...and coming out last...

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  1. Babsi wear helmet!!!
    nice picture...staffan jag har halsfluss:-(