17 mars 2012

High Camp

It remains to be a quiet week. I'm still fighting a stubborn cold and decided to give it some time. However, after the weekend I have for intension to start doing things again. I still ski every day, all day, but it's not easy, when your used to do more. I walk around most of the time thinking about what I wanna do, ski that peak or climb the place. It's a process with many parameters, checking out current conditions and what runs that might be possible to ski. When this privity reach me I can chose what to ski, both here in Telluride and Europe. Yesterday afternoon though, after finishing another full day of skiing Willi picked me up at the supermarket. We drove out to Lizard head pass and meet up with all our friend. We skinned up the to a mountain hut above 11,000 feet (3600 meter) called High Camp and stayed there over night. With fondue and a big salad, birthday cake, fruit salad and just by being all together we were all happy through the evening. This hut is great, with a nice location next to the tree line and easy axes to the mountains surrounding you, you will here find the calm within yourself and there is no such thing as stress up here. I actually find this with most mountain huts I stay at and overall in the mountains.

Willi playing his guitar on the parking lot before leaving. 

Peter relaxing, soon to start making fondue.

Daniel and Peter Ingels coming up in the dark.

Morning light, heading back to the cars. 

Everyone is happy, you can't get a better start of a day!

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