2 mars 2012

Happy news!

Happy statement came today at lunch. We celebrated Melanie's birthday and my phone rang. Pete Wagner was on the other side of the line. - Your skis are ready! Those who would not be ready rapids March 12. I don't have more time to think before he says; - You will get to compete on Saturday and needed a pair of skis, right?! He sounds happy when telling me, rightly so =) Now I've just been out and tested them and so far, so good! Both up and down. As it stands now my "Happy skis" will get to race on Saturday.
Compete yes, I believe has never been so ill-prepared for any competition ever. What I can remember is the Stockholm Marathon a few years ago, similar preparations and it went great. And my body feels relatively good and strong even all the traveling I done latley.
Going with Himay to Aspen tomorrow to registration and race meeting after some quick runs in Telluirde first in the morning. We are both exited and have good spirit about what is about to come up.

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