15 april 2012

Tuolpagorni 1662 meter above sea level.

Yesterday afternoon when and just before finishing Keb Classic 2012 we were skinning up Kittelbäcken till last check point, I was begging and asking Sara to come with me and ski Tuolpagorni. It was not a part of the course but so close and something I looked at from the first day we arrived. And this was after 8 hours out in the mountains along the race course. I asked for us to quit the race and take a detour of 500 extra vertical meter to the summit of Tuolpagorni. But the answer she gave me was, NO, we are going to finish now. I thought to my self that I would ask someone at the finish line to join me for an afternoon tour but Peters voice echoed in my head, No big tour in the afternoon. So after finishing yesterday I start to ask around if anyone where interested in skiing it today.

I got great success, 09.38 this morning Sara, Henrik, Stefan and I walked away towards Tuolpagorni on our ski touring gear again. This is how our awesome day started and ended!

Reaching the pass.

Preparing the rappel.

Henrik starts.

Sara is lowering in.

I skipped the rappel and skied in.


Speed checking.

Below the rappel, taking down the rope. Look at the cronies, BIG.

Stefan getting is stuff together.

That's our mountain and run for today!

Me and Henrik skiing up Kittelbäcken.

Helping Sara with her gear.

Bye Bye Stefan!


The bowl!





The Crew!

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