14 april 2012

Keb Classic Day 2!

Early in the morning, Henrik, Mike & Mårten going strong. 

You can see Sara far ahead of them as a little dott.

Entering the est route, crampon are mandatory here! 

Putting crampons on take time.

Relay start this morning, this is were the fast group caught up with us!  

Last team up to the mandatory gear change but they where first team crossing the  finish line later this afternoon. Winning team over all Keb Classic 2012.

To have fast transfers is a key to be FAST!

Fredrik Sträng looks fat but it's pure muscles =) (He is tiny) 

Me and Sara at the summit, highest peak in Sweden, 2104 meter above sea level.

Getting ready for downhill after three hours of uphill.

Fixed ropes on the est route help both when getting up and down.

Great Great weather above the clouds, when we came up you could see big smiles on all faces. 

Thanks to this people we can do this races safe. Thanks all volunteers!

Ridge up to the summit, if you follow the track you will find Sara on the glasier. 

Deep and great soft turns! Winter is still here.

On the glasier.


More volunteers by the cave. 

Entering the ice cave!

Perfect arch shape!

It's about 250 meters long.

Light in the end of the tunnel. 

Last uphill and Sara is super happy. WHAT A DAY!

At the finish line, happy campers.

Champagne and cinnamon rolls make the perfect finish!  

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  1. Ser kul ut, kanske gamgubben far folja med nasta ar? Danne