16 april 2012


After a few days in Kebnekasie mountain massif racing and ski touring Sara and I went north to Riksgränsen yesterday. When arriving Kiruna we had to wait, there was now trains and no other connections that existed on a sunday afternoon to Riksgänsen. Luckily Markus, a photographer who been shooting Keb Classic where passing by on his way back home to Björkliden and we could catch a ride with him.

Today was awesome! I have never skied here in good conditions so toady when we woke up it was a great surprise when looking out the window. A big bright yellow SUN, no winds and cold snow with a wee bit of fresh on top! Believe it or not but I left the camera at home today so I can't show you any pictures. Markus was with us today and took a bunch but they will be used for a magasin later. 

Tomorrow we will do it all over again!

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