22 april 2012

Åre and Birthday celebration...

Yes and no, it's not my birthday today but tomorrow. We usually meet up in Åre around this day every year but last year I could not attend my self, I was down in the Alps trying to ski The Marinelli couloir. So Linus and Johan made sure that it all happend last year too and gathered all friend and had a session in the sun. This year I was back but the fore cast for tomorrow didn't look great... and both Johan & Linus are both working tomorrow so we decided to celebrate my B-day one day ahead because of the fantastic weather and because we were all of today with no obligations! This was our day, see pictures below. Later we had barbecue in the sun back at Linus place and a B-day cake! Thanx for an amazing day all people involved!

Cold snow in the morning! I have never seen so much snow in Tväråvalvet like this, this time a year. Midsummer skiing this year maybe!?

Johan is getting some!

My two year ago pressent from Johan, I have my own run in Åre! Thanx again Johan! =)

Lot's of jumping of small cliffs today. 


...and more...

...and finally more... Arvid joined up for some runs, Fun & Thanx! =)

Johan is having a quick swedish Fika before doing Brännaråket again! 


Hiking up Västerskutan... Kallsjön in the background!

...Chatting along.

Summit of Åre Skutan!

Linus happy as ever to be at the top of Västerskutan!

Johan... Nice!

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