13 april 2012

Keb Classic our own way!

It's tuesday afternoon and I get hold of Sara by phone. We been talking about enter Keb Classic, a ski mountaineering race up at Kebnekaise mountain station above the Arctic circle. A two day race with over 18,800 vertical feet (5700 meters) gain. So three days before the start we made a final decision to enter and race, but to do it our own way because we have different levels of fitness but both of us love to be in the mountains. We book our tickets to Kiruna and Nikkaloukta and yesterday, three days later we arrived and we have just finished up our first day. I have never been up here before in Kebnekaise massif. So I'm here to see the area, learn more and have plenty of fun with Sara. Saras main goal, make it to the summit of the South Peak, the highest peak in Sweden with 2104 meter (6300 feet) and of course I want to make the summit too. I guess all of us that is here want's it.

This morning when we woke up there was big winds and "milky" out side. Witch mean bad visibility. The start was delayed 2 hours and the course had a new stretch. A two loop course with less vertical gain and shorter distance doe to the weather.

We hope we reach the summit and get to do all fun parts of the course tomorrow that we missed today. Let's hope the weather Gods are with us and we will have another awesome day in the Swedish mountains.

Park you dogs!

Fredrik Stäng and me on the snowmobile shuttle. 

Map over the area and the course.

Yesterdays Solo sprint!

Winning female in the Solo sprint. Today she killed most guys with her  male partner.

Rappeling with a great backdrop.

Charging last part into the finish line.

Race meeting.

No shoes behind this line.

This is where we sleep!

Starting line this morning, better weather.

Going strong first lap.

Amazing view when heading up to "Stor Sten".

Ski action!

Up on lookers left side, down on lookers right. Kebnekaise Mountain Station in between.

Pierre at the finish line!

Fast crew, they been here working on their tan for an hour already.

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