6 april 2012

Back in Sweden. Happy Easter!

Back in Sweden. 17.20 (5.20 pm) I landed in Stockholm and Arlanda today. I don't know how I did it, but with three overweight bags and no extra frees (YES) I got home to a gray like Stockholm. But at the airport my mum picked me up and we shared some stories from last months away from each other in the car back to her apartment. She just got back from Prag and I'm from Telluride. I will spend Easter i Stockholm and then we'll see where I go to continue skiing this season. Åre, Gränsen, The Alps, Norway, Kebnekaise, who knows but something will happend and more fun is to come.

Tomorrow I won't give Himay or Ricky a call unfortunately in the morning, but might instead take my bike for a ride. Let's hope for great Easter weather for the weekend and Happy Easter to all of you!

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