9 april 2012

Stockholm and Sandhamn!

I had a great Easter weekend with my Mum and friends in Stockholm and on Sandhamn. Great healthy food combined with the awesome company and some training, we got two sunny days here in Stockholm. For now, it's poring down outside, so cozy to hear the rain hitting the window. It's a long time ago since I heard that sound, the sound of Swedish summer and fall. Today I got back from 24 hours on Sandhamn with Per and Anders. A lot of hang- and relax time where spent but also great meals and we got to do the second best trail run in the world (by my mean), it's located here on this island! So I took Per for a run.

Before dinner we had some quality time in the tub by the sea. 2.8 degrees in the sea right now all ÖtillÖ (Island to Island) swimmers... Not the tub though, hot and nice. Me and Per took our bikes and raced down to Trouville and meet up with more friends for an culinary Italian dinner.

More training got done today when I got back home to my mum's place after setting up her new computer. I feelt strong for what's coming up. Me together with Sara just signed on to a race on friday and saturday, Keb Classic! Flight ticket's are booked and on thursday I'm heading up. Two days of racing with a total vertical feet gain of approximately 18.000 feet (5800 meter). First day we climb the highest summit in Sweden, Kebnekaise and basically are doing loops around it after that. I will get back to you when I know more about the race to be honest, but it will be so much fun! =)

Per is chill'n in the sun with a coffee!

Stockholm archipelago! The boat are soon being water born again.

Old fisher man houses, beautiful!

More of them!

Old tradition with Pike heads on the wall to compare who caught the biggest one! 

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