19 april 2012

Four fantastic days in Gränsen!

Now we're on our way down to Åre, that's a 10-12 hour car ride from Riksgränsen. It was hard to leave this morning and even hard when we decided to take one run before hitting the road. We been here for four days and Gränsen have showed of it best side, NO wind, A LOT of SUN and great cold winter snow! All of us surprised, this is nothing we are used to when we are here. Usually it foggy, rainy and warm... I have to say this is a month later we seen this. So Thanks Gränsen for great couple of days, hope Åre can show of some nice spring weather as well...? This pictures show our last day! =)

Riksgränsen from the lift!

Sara goes crazy!

Örjan & Sara at the hike up to Nordal.

Örjan coming up strong.

Sara & Örjan in this super nice morning light. Looked like gold.

Getting ready!

Sara rippen!

More rippen.

Qualification face for NM i Gränsen with way more snow than usually. 

Örjan spraying some powder around him.


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