5 april 2012

Bye Bye Telluride!

Last sunny day in Telluride and Babsi and me, the two "skibums" decided to go for a hike and not for a ski... Believe it or not... We hiked up one of the most historical roads in the area, Tom Boy road. Many years ago people walked up this road for work in the mine up in Tom Boy basin. The gold rush stopped 1970 and since then skiing and tourism have been the main income for this town. Our beloved Telluride! There is so much, but short history around here and I could talk about it for hours...

All my bags are packed and overweight... We'll see how that goes tomorrow at the airport, hoping to meet a kind person at the counter who I can't trick somehow...

Thanks all good friends here in Telluride for a great winter and I see you soon again. Now I look forward for all adventure that I have a head of me. My schedule are crazy from now on but I will enjoy every singel moment of it. Nothing is written in stone yet for the near future but I can just ensure it's plans looks fun and exiting right now.

One section of Tom Boy road.

Me standing on the pointe rock looking out over Tellurides box canyon.

A quick relax before starting heading back down.

Bridal Vail ice falls and once a power station for Telluride. The first town with electric street light in the world.

Telluride, not much snow left and very spring like. In the background Lone Cone .

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