17 november 2011

Yesterday I got some more training in. Run for 1 hour. I don't feel great though, I felt nausea two last days and that's jocking me. But this pictures keep me hopeful and want something more. As you might see I also like taking photos, not just be infront of the camera.

Daniel laying out some GS turns in the bottom of Tyndal couloir.

Where are we going? Cliffs out 20 meters (60 feet) just in front of Daniel. Way down there you can see the vally floor. Now in Switzerland, soon in Italy.

Topp of Brighthorn, behind me you see Matterhorn soon to be covered by clouds!

My best day last season, particular when we talk about amount of snow, this day was crazy!  Thank you Erik, Steamboat Catskiing operations (Steamboat Powdercats) for one unforgettable experiance!

Every turn was like this, all day long! As you can see it's like pushing a big wave infront of you! This feeling is  very difficult to explain. You just have to trust me, there is nothing that is better than this feeling! =)

Daniel coming of Allalinhorn in Saas Fee late afternoon! Magic light and soft turns in april.

Sams Trees inRed Mountain Pass, Colorado gave us  a great day of skiing. It was just us there all day. This day started with me falling into a river with skis and skins on. Thought my day was over but I was wrong, we took like 10 laps with a 600 meter (1800 feet) skin. Lots of exercise and lot's of powder! 

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