15 november 2011

Winter Inspiration!

I would like to show you what I really do and what you have to look forward to see and read more about this winter. Today I got some well needed traning in with my good Johan, 1 hour & 10 min of fun and we both got fatigue. We wasted our energy on slope traning, running/climbing uphill, plus some flat running in the trees and blueberry gym, lifting logs and doing pull ups. 

On our way down from Nord End, in the background you see Dufourspitze, second talles summit in the alps. Wicth we climbed to. On Daniels left side it drops of 2500-3000 meters into Italy. You can see the start of Marrineli Couloiren, longest couloir in Europe. That was our attempt this day but it was not the time. To explain how serious of a ski this is we can compere it to climb the north face of Eiger.

Last day in Telluride season 2010-2011, people said winter was over and there was no powder. I don't know, but sure it looks soft and nice. That way I don't mind that people think season is over =) 

This is how big the mountains are and how small you are! Tyndal couloir in Mote Rosa Massif, Italian side.

Also last day of the season, me skiing deeeep snow. Keep an eye out, more pictures will be posted within this theme!
Me hanging, waiting for the lift to open early morning in Zermatt. 

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  1. Jonas Andersson15 november 2011 17:57

    What a picture you have...
    Im so sorry that I only ride my bum slider!
    Over änd out twist änd shout

  2. Nu är det nog med självplågeri, inga fler skidbilder för mig på ett tag! Avvänjningen startar!