14 november 2011

Ready for winter!

After six month's traveling all over the world, my bags filed up with summer gear, shorts, T-shirts, friktion shoes, sunblock, sunglases, wetsuite and climbing stuff, today was to become a turn over day for my bags. Finally! It took me 2 hours to find (but I new where everything was, I found them on first try) repack, orginaize and shape/fill my bags with winter equipment. For now I just brought basic stuff, like skis, racing boots, warm clothing, helmet, headlamp and more. Still at my storage I left, ice climbing gear, all my be loved touring gear with skins, becon, prob, first aid, mountaineering ropes & stuff and shovel. Some more weeks before I can start use or think about using my touring boots and fat skis ergo. Now I just cross every fingers I got and send some wishes to the weather God's. I would love some snow now because I'm ready for it!

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