1 november 2011

Hi Costa Rica!

I have now been in Costa Rica for four days and meet up with my teammates at the airport fisrt night, they got all there gear but not me. I had to wait 30 hours before I had my bike here and could relax, take a deep breath and focus on the race.
Two days ago we were checking out first part of the race courses for the first day. Interesting, I will give you that. First 20 km is like climbing Everest, it's steep, really steep. I have never seen such a steep gravel/farmer road before in my life. And it's consistent, it never levels out. On top of that, we have lose rocks, mud and clay on the road. You can only, (or I/we) use the first gear. Did I tell you we are in the djungel too, rain forset surrounds us everywere, monkeys swinging in the trees looking for food. It is so humid all the time so it feels like standing in the shower, sweat poring down your body like from a tap. That's my/our biggest concern right now, to lose much water and dehydrate because it's hot, really hot. Specially for a swede. But I/we look forward to the race and wish it starts soon. It's less than 48 hours until the first day is done. I think this will be a great and amazing way to experiace a contry. It is so beautiful when you reach the top of a mountain here and can look out over the contry side. To finish this inlay I will just say, after my short experiace of the race course I now understad way the call it, more than a race... personal growth journey!
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Big fish!

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  1. Wohooo! Spännande, låter fantastiskt :) Drick en massa vatten å passa dig för de där aporna, följer tävlingen med spänning! //Helena