24 november 2011


After almost a week being really sick I'm back on my feet. I gues I brought something back from Costa Rica but I'm not sure. Talked to some other compeditors from CR and the also got really sick last week, thinking the water cause our illness. Well well, good news are I'm leaving for some skiing tomorrow in the Swedish mountain range, the Scandies. It's not much open for the moment but just to put the gear on and slide around on the hill is worth a lot. To be true, it's just one hill open, 120 vertical meter drop (360 feet) with just a white strip surrounded by green gras. More, I got my new Peak Performance set yesterday, blue pants and pink/purple jacket from their Heli serie. It's probably the most technical and well made gear there is today. All with Gore Tex shell membrane. It is even that way, that if you ask Gore Tex them self, that provide all kind of brands with their material they ski with Peak Performance and the Heli line them self. I will post pictures with the colored clothes later. Hope to get my new helmet and goggles from POC today to! When I sit here writhing, looking out the window it feels like spring today, 4,4 celcius. But I know it's winter and that it's snow somewhere in the world!

Always bring a pair of sneakers, you never now when you run out of snow in spring time. 

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