2 november 2011

Race starts in 1,5 hours

Registration went well. Not much new information was given than we already knew. I guse that will be on the fly. So next four days I (we) will bike through Costa Rica and it’s nine micro climates. The course lingures it’s way from west- to est coast. Over two vulcanos, trough djungel, felds and over mountain passes. They chanched day two, witch will be brand new for this year. That’s an extra vulcano, plenty more of uphill and more mud. They thought that day was to easy so they made it harder for this year. At the meeting they said one thing of interest. That one check point on day two are impossible to set up because they can’t get to it. It’s been raining more than usal through the rain season so it’s to muddy, rockey and slippery getting there by car. We start 06.00 am outside Quality Hotel in Jaco.  Our starting numbers are 168 = Steven, 169 = Dan and 170 = Me (Staffan =).  We are totaly 231 competitors for this years La Ruta de los Conquistadores. You can follow and look for us at www.adventurerace.com of what we understand. Thanks to all of you that reads and follow me (us) on my blog. Let me know if you have questions and I try to answer them. I will update hopefully every night next days and let you know how we are progressing.

231 red bags

In the lobby before race meeting yesterday. 

My lens gave this picture a funny perspectiv =)

Race meeting

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