10 november 2011

Back in business

Yes, that's right. I done my first traning again after La Ruta. Run 10 Km yesterday with a friend, 45 min. I thought we a great pace but not understad it was that good, was suprised when I looked at my watch and saw the time. This is after all just two days after we finished our 4 days of racing in Costa Rica. My body feels remarkably lite, strong and fresh. I'm happy about that. My masseur said yesterday that he was supriesed how well and fast my body seemed to had recover. I also wanna rise a finger and point out that Team Thule Sweden won Multisport Wourld Championship yesterday in Tasmanien south of Australia followed by another Swedish team, Team Silva. Congrats! Planing and dealing with my brothers wedding that's on friday on the 11/11/11 now, finally pieces stick toghter. Tomorrow I will pick up my bike from the bike shop that done a great job recomposing it like new again after La Ruta.

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