29 november 2011


On saturday I had premier, 15 laps of skiing in a short slope full with hand made snow and ice. But that dosen't mean we had a thought time having fun, no, the other way around, we had a great time with great friend! Same evening we got our first snow so far, one inche of powder =) That put us all in a great mode untill we woke up the next morning and it's poring down rain, porning down. Driving further north later that evening it tured to snow, first slushy and icy but than snowy and wished-for winter. All white snow made it much brighter and a lot more cozy. Now I'm in Östersund, middle of Sweden just 70 km away from where I grow up. Yesterday I joined the multisport club here in Östersund for some traning, we run up the ski hill here 5 times in snow. It's pretty hard work but a lot of fun, specialy with good frieds. More than half of the pleasure is doing this with good people and sharing the experience. Last years I have been traning by my self mostley and have almost forgott how fun and importened it is to share even this. How that gives that extra spark when doing what you are doing. After it turns to a nice memory that you smile at when thinking about it!

I added this picture to show you how the Alps bends, it can be hard to see on this small picture but look carefully! =) Tha alps stretches 1200 km from west to est. Crosses through seven contrys. It has around 1000 glaciers. This picture is taking from one of them and also the second highest summit, Dufourspitze.

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