6 november 2011

Day 4, Finishing day of La Ruta!

La Ruta de los Conquistadores 2011, worlds thoughest moutain bike race is over and we all successfully finished today in Limón by the Atlanic Ocean. Day started out with the race director, holding the microphone in his hand, lift it closer to his mouth, saying; Welcome to the last and easiest day of La Ruta. All of us where looking at each other, thinking; Yeh, sure, we heard that before... And ofcourse it was not an easy day. This day is the longest in distance for the whole race, 120 km. The climate turn tropical and it's really hot and humid. Yesterday I over heard another racer asking if there have ever been good weather this day, because all years he been attending it's been pooring rain. But like he siad, I have seen pictures with nice weather last day. And today he got what he asked for, heat! Climbing uphill isn't that impressiv number vice, but road vice, fist big lose rocks covering the entire road makes it very hard biking steep pitches uphill. But today was all about downhill and flat long felds, and railway biking/hiking. I partnered up with some different racer, so you can stay in a line and pull each other, that's the expresion they use in the bike world. Being tight up behind another racer create like a windtunnel were you can rest as the second or third rider. Cause the first person is breaking the wind. This way you can save both a lot of energy and time, as on downhill, uphill and on flats. After a long fun ride down after our first climbs in the morning, we got to a town were we turn right up on a railway. And yes, we are biking in between the rails, on lose sharp rocks and concrete foundation. As reaching the first bridge we hop of our bikes and like ballerinas we tip toeing on 20 cm (8 inche) logs that holds the rail on place over the bridge. Coming of the railway the heat smack you in your face coming along enormous banana felds on dusty road. When cars pulled up infront of you it's like driving in a bad snow storm when you can't see a thing. Coughing and reaching for your waterbottle. That are empty after spraying yourself all over your body to cool down. Or cause you already drank it. Another railway, new bridge to cross. Local people standing in the river underneath screaming, we thought the wanted our attention so we would fall down. But no, 20 meter a head of me a see a person racing starting to scream and letting go of his bike, Droping his helmet and waveing a whole lot around himself. Wasps attacking him. I hold up for one second and then I'm just walking pretty fast through with my waterbottle in on hand and the bike in the other. I got away with maybe 10 stings. I could just hear how people where panicing behind us but what could we do, just keep on walking/bikingto get our self out of there. Than we had 15 km of railway riding, shaking as nothing else and always on your mind, no flat tier please! 30 min later I saw the Atlantic Ocean on my left side, I new it was close. 17 km biking on the beach, this is hard when you are hot, thirsty and the sand so soft it's making you skid around. But beautiful! This finish of on a gravel road that lead you to Limón and the finish line. I cross the finish on 5 h and 15 min, my total time for all four days were somewhere between 26,5 - 27 hours and a overall position as 63 person. way over my expectations. Day two through my eyes the thoughest but also the most fun. Thank you all so much, sponsors and readers and following me/us through this tough race. And believeing in us! Thanks again! There will be another inlay about the race when I get back home to Sweden. Flying back tomorrow morning, 5 hours sleep now and than home. Hopefully I get a film running on the blog next coming days!

At the finish line in Limón (most famous for being a banana town, the export a great deal of all world bananas from here). I'm very happy and relieved holding my La Ruta medal that you only get if you finish all four days within all cut of:s.

With Brad and Ron at the finish, Atlantic Ocean in the background! Ofcourse I had a celebration swim!
Thanks guys for being an awesome support team!

Steven getting his medal when crossing the finish line.

Ron and Steven! Both really happy.

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