1 juli 2012

Making waves!

I always get inspired when I get in to the upper Engadine valley by a few simple things: 1,700m lakes for training, enormous mountains, friendly people, and amazing cuisine. I feel totally fortunate that each time I get to swim, there is a different scenery for me to see. Most people that are training for Island to Island are inside with only the bottom of the pool to look at. Each breathe that I take during training is totally different and unique. Because of this I'm always excited to keep training hard. For example, today's training started with a 4.5 hour hike followed by a run to the summit of Piz Lunghin (2780m) then the descent to Maloja and finally a swim/run session back to the hotel in Sils Maria.

Unfortunately, my second R/W tour is ending so there is some free time coming up. What do you think I should do for the time off:

A. Travel to Finale Lingure for 1.5 day of climbing on the Med. Summer climate, amazing Italian seafood and sport climbs coming out of the sea. 

B. Sit and drink tea and watch the rain fall in Chamonix. The next trip starts here.

C. Ponte Brolla, south of Andermatt. A multi-pitch climbing destination.

Tell me what you think!
Happy as ever!

Blue - Run                       Red - Swim

Shorts, T-Shirt, Swede, Iceberg. YES!


Piz Lunghin - 2780m

On the top, looking in to the Bregel valley. 

Run session, two days ago.

Run session yesterday.

Kiteboard madness in Silvaplauna.

Mike is leading the way to Sils.

Space for sale. 

We are too lucky!

This is a tree believe it or not!

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