29 juni 2012

Engadine Valley

What do you get out of the mountains when you're in the mountains? Questions like this pops up on trails and long given discussions will continue. What makes this a great question is that all of us have different answers. Even if I got the same question day after day the answer would probably be different. Even days when the answer is he same the journey to the answer might be different. The answers to that question depends on how you feel at that special moment and reflects about you as a person.

Finally I got the Müsli I been dreaming about, for almost a year. In Pontresina at the Steinbock Hotel. They have the best Birchermüsli in the world. If your passing through, might be worth a stop. And it was well deserved after a running and swimming challenge with my self to set a new record on the cours I have set up here. It starts in Pontresina, through a beautiful forest on a gravel walkway to a pond. This is located in between Pontresina and St:Moritz and are about 400 meter long. Than up to continuing down towards St:Moritz running, there cross the bitter cold lake (It snowed here 2 weeks ago...) of St:Moritz and than backtrack my way through the pond to Pontresina. Old record, 1,20 minutes, todays time: 1,04 minutes! Hoyaaa! =)

Tomorrow, Sils Maria!

Great Barley soup with fresh goat cheese!  

Happy Hut people!

Yes, this is how a restroom could look like on 2700 meters.

On the left side you see ST:Moritz!

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