16 juli 2012

New Post

New Post. Hhmm, what would you like to read about.

I started a new trip heading towards Zermatt with a great group of people. Keni and I are back together as guides (last time you rad about him was when we where in La Grave, skiing!) and we have both been working with this people before. Some fresh blood joined up too witch is awesome! New people, new experiences to share!

Or: That I been training so hard last couple of days that my body gave up on me today this afternoon. I'm ordered to bed by Ken to get some rest and sleep and hopefully I feel better tomorrow so we can continue our journey smooth to Zermatt. 5100 meter of swimming and a 17 min/Km in one go plus 60 min of running apparently hit me hard. To this I should add that I was so sore from the days of training before this.

Or: Should I start a new widget here on the blog??? Gear of the week! Well, if I have to say so: Check this out, Ibex! Wool clothing with great design. I just got a load from america yesterday and it's sweet! THANKS ERIK & Jagged Edge, Telluride!

Or: That I was looking through some of my old hard drives and found some funny old pictures. So first, I haven't been taking a singel photo today and because I found this, what would be better to share some! =)

Finish line 2010 ÖtillÖ. Placed 13th our first year together racing.

5... or 6 years ago on our way to the topp of  Sönertväråklumpen.

At the summit. Still using the base layer from Peak Performance. Love wool!

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