4 juli 2012

Chamonix from it's prime side!

Day of and the Alarm rings at 7.40. I already been awake for an hour looking out the window and clearing my thoughts. Together with Mike we pack up our bags and walks out in to a sleepy Chamonix. We run in to some random people with baguettes under their arms, cigarett in the corner of the mouth and the hat on the side of their head. Like true French people! We also pick up some big breakfast sandwiches and coffe before heading over to the bus.

In Vallorcine we continues by foot up to our climbing crag, 5 picthes with 5.8+ later we're back on the bus to Chamonix. Swedish fika, quick stroll through some stores. Spend some money on a pair of new trail running shoes. Back to the hotel, get changed for running and swimming. Run over to the lap pool, 1200 meter of intervalls in the pool followed by 70 min of running. Dinner, meet up with a friend for a beer and finally time for bed. That's how a day could be spent in the Arve valley!

At the top we got a great view over Vallorcine.

Back pack garden!

Blizzard of... No, just Mike and I having a good time!

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