6 juli 2012

More ÖtillÖ training!

After a full day of hiking we arrived Les Contamine, south of Chamonix. This is the first stop if you're doing The Tour Mont Blanc which I'm guiding with Mike for the moment. This blog is now a part of and link to the official island to island website as one of the ÖtillÖ blogs. So for all new readers, welcome! Todays action, except of hours of hiking in the rain turned into a run and swim session up at 1700 meters. They have a great and really weird artificiell lake for all Italiens tourist that come up here in august to spend their vacation bathing and playing. But by now it's still cold, really cold. They use melting water from the mountain glacier to fill up the lake. I could stand 500 meters. Then I run back to our hotel and took a few more laps in the hotel pool that was way better temperatured.

Not from today, but an totally awesome day and night in the archipelago some weeks ago!

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